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Monday, May 18, 2009

What a day!

Well, my day started out with a bang (almost literally) when my car wouldn't start. I guess technically my car did and will start- I just have to give it gas for a good 5 minutes so that it won't stall out. Currently, my car is sitting at the Mazda dealership getting looked at. We'll see how much that will cost.

But- my day only got better and better when I realized that I have only 75 days until I'm married!! I also dropped by our photographers house (who by the way is AWESOME- Elizabeth Burgess @ Burgess Photography) and picked up my cd of engagement pictures. They are INCREDIBLE. She had also made us a print of one picture and I went and had it framed. I'm SO excited :-) I can't show you all of the pictures but here is a little taste.

Praise God, Ashley and Forrest got engaged! I am so happy for ya'll :-)

Also- I'm so excited about Parker's graduation this weekend and getting to see the fam! YAY for good times :-) As for that, I'm off to go to Lily's and watch the premier of THE BACHELORETTE!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So long....

OSCAR?? Oh wait....I'm not at the beach anymore. On Sunday afternoon I got back from a terrific weekend at the Outer Banks (not Emerald Isle) with Amanda, Laura, Charlotte, my mom, Mrs. Lydia, and Aunt Kitty. We had a BLAST! I am so thankful for wonderful family like Aunt Kitty and Charlotte who put everything together and arranged TONS of surprises. One of our major surprises was an awesome lunch (fresh salad w/ raspberry vinegrette, shrimp, bread, wine)! It was absolutely delicious.

Charlotte [Webb] also surprised us with wonderful spa bags. Everything in them was terrific, but we especially had fun with our turbans :)

The sand was at the beach was blowing around a lot so Mrs. Lydia, Aunt Kitty, Charlotte and Laura went to the pool for the day on Saturday while Amanda and I braved the sand. It was beautiful weather and we had a blast. Then, Saturday night we all went to dinner at the Sunset Grill. It was SO good! As usual, there is never a dull moment wherever we go. We found these sweet hats at the little store and had to try them on for a photo op.

Sunday morning was Mother's Day so Laura and I began the day by giving Mrs. Lydia (the wonderful mother of our men) a pretty stargazer lily and card! Then, we were headed home to see our own Mothers. Amanda and I rode home together and before we got to Raleigh, we HAD to stop at Jockey's Ridge! It is so big....I mean so big that I wasn't even willing to climb to the top (haha)! Well, now it's back to realty- so long pretty beach.

Speaking of so long- I have to go back to teaching tomorrow. I had a wonderful track-out and am ready to see my sweet kiddies! I can't believe that this is my last night of break as a year-round teacher. Shew- that's scary. Pray that I get a job in Craven County.

Well- thanks to Laura that was my first scatterbrained post :-)

Many more to come....