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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pain, Stress, yet Peace

I have not posted in ages! But, since my last post God seems to have thrown an unexpected curve ball (as He so often will). Last Monday (June 22) my Grandad drove himself to the VA hospital in Asheville. He thought that he was experiencing chest pains from a pulled muscle, but upon arrival discovered that he was having numerous heart attacks. They immediately admitted Grandad into the ICU and began pushing blood thinners, pain killers, and various other meds through his system. My mom went up on Tuesday (June 23) to be with my Grandmom. On Thursday, I received a phone call from my Dad saying that we needed to go up to be with Grandad because he was not going to live.

My Dad and I stayed from Thursday to Sunday. Between that time we heard all different kinds of solutions: open heart surgery, using cadaver/pig veins, more stints, etc. But, the fact of the matter is (which they didn't tell us until Sunday) that my Grandad is just not a surgical candidate because of his pre-existing conditions. My grandad was born with one kidney which is now functioning at less than 10%, has diabetes, claudication (blocked leg arteries), high blood pressure and cholesterol, and the list goes on.

Saturday night the family was called in to say our prayers with Grandad and tell him goodbye. I don't think I have had to experience anything so hard and painful in my entire life. Grandad's response to me was, "I love you and I'll be watching down on your wedding. See you in the morning." And he did just that, he hung on until Sunday morning. And that has been the case since Sunday. It is now Wednesday (July 1) and my Grandad is still hanging on, but by a thread. Since last night he has been vomiting, having fluid build up, slowing of breathing, hardly any pulse/very low blood pressure.

Jacob is coming up today and Dad, Jacob, and I will most likely leave for the mountains tomorrow. Although the situation has been painful and stressful, we are at complete peace. Grandad has assured us of his salvation and his eternal home in heaven. Praise God for our salvation! We know that Jesus is calling Grandad home, and we are so thankful for his opportunity to be sitting at the feet of Christ.

Please pray for my Grandmom, Mom, and Uncle Albert as this will be an extremely hard time for them. The funeral is tentatively scheduled for Friday, but of course, that could change!