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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Temporary Stay

This past Tuesday, Jacob and I went to a small hog operation in Lenoir County to offer two little pigs a home! Although I did not want to go on a weeknight because of the drive, we didn't really have any other choice. The farmer was planning on taking all of his piglets that were under show size to a feeder pig sale for slaughter.

After our first hog growing experience (with June), we knew that we wanted to give it another go. The day we took June to be slaughtered I was a MESS. No, really. I cried off and on all day and said we were never doing that again. Well, like they say...time heals all pain. I would also like to add that, in this case, so did the taste of some seriously delicious pork! This was our last family picture with June on the day that she was taken to the slaughter house.

From start to finish, it cost us about $430 to raise June and we got back over 150 pounds of meat. It averaged out to be about $2.92/lb. Not only is that a great deal, but we also knew exactly what she ate and got back some very high quality meat. So with those things in mind, we set out on our journey to get our TWO new piggies.

The place we found in Lenoir County was SO COOL! There were TONS of pigs at every stage of the game from a few weeks old all the way up to sows and one ginormous boar. They were kept in open-air hog houses (of a sort) that were indoor/outdoor. The facilities were really nice and well kept. The pigs also looked very happy and healthy.

We picked the two pigs we liked the best, paid up, and headed for home with the little ladies in the dog box :-) After a brief stop by Bojangles for dinner, in which the pigs were rocking the truck back and forth, we arrived at home with our new guests. We built their pig pen the weekend before out of hog panels and T-posts so it was all ready to go for them.

So now, I am pleased to introduce you to the newest members of the Morgan family: Lucille and Ethel!

The pink pig is Lucy and the black and white pig is Ethel. They are BFF's-- they eat together, run around together, and snuggle up with each other at night.

Here are some pictures of their setup---

They have an automatic feeder and waterer. We also have a solar powered electric fence run around the bottom of the pen so the little girls won't escape. For the time being, we plan on giving Lucy and Ethel a fabulous home with lots of FLC (food, love and care)! Then, come June (the month, not the pig) their stay will end and they will join their sister that came before freezer camp :)