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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Best Day of my Life

I am finally getting the chance to blog about the wedding! Although I don't have the pictures from the photographer, I got pictures from AmandaIt was, hands down, the best day of my life. It all began with a relaxing morning. I woke up (and was very well rested....thanks to some Benadryl) and hung around the house for a few hours. My Mammaw and Pappaw came to visit and gave me our gift. Around 10:45 I left the house to go to my hair appointment at The Spa by Mitchells. My wonderful maid of honor, Amanda, met me there with a Peppermint Mocha Frappucino from Starbucks!! After an hour and a half, my hair was finally done :-) This is what it looked like minus the veil!

After I got my hair done I went to the church and met my wonderful bridesmaids. We had a light lunch and spied on people through the windows! I was pretty relaxed and stress-free the entire day. I put on my dress and veil at the last second possible so they wouldn't get in my way. So....when I finally did get my dress on- we began taking pictures!

So after a ton of pictures, laughs, and good time with the bridesmaids it was finally time for the wedding to begin. Everyone lined up and I was waiting alone in the bridal room. Finally my Daddy came to get me and it was our time. That was the first time that I began freaking out. I was so nervous about walking down the aisle. But as soon as the doors opened up and I saw Jacob all jitters faded away. The wedding lasted exactly 28 minutes....perfect and of course, we began taking more pictures!

I cannot describe how perfect everything was. Everything came together beautifully. Our flowers were GORGEOUS! The programs came together, our signs looked great, the letters on the door were very personal, and our guest platter was AWESOME! Here are a few pictures:

I don't have our photographers pictures yet, but when I get them I will post more of Jacob and I. But as for now- here is the one shot I've got :-)

Marriage is wonderful and Jacob and I have loved getting to know each other better! More picture to come when I get them!!